How to Properly Water Your Trees

Common misconception of some gardeners is to take care of trees only when it is newly planted and are being left out when they are full-grown. If they become diseased and damaged, people start to be alarmed. In reality, trees are being extra taken care of when it is newly planted and are habitually taken care (whether season by season or year by year) as it matures and grows. A tree’s beauty is reflects the care that you put into them; a healthy tree is a happy tree. Thus, healthy trees are often to be the most beautiful trees.

Taking care of your trees is shown by watering it. Accordingly, the most important time to water it is when it’s newly planted and during the dry spells. Deep-soaking watering is best to do. If you have made a basin around the tree on planting day, instead of the water dribbling away, the water flows where it is needed.

Place a hose at the base of the tree and run it on a slow drop. To make sure that the water is soaking in, check it back on intervals. If it starts to overflow, stop, let the trees absorbed the water, and continue.

If you are unsure if the water supply is really reaching the roots, try to dig about a foot down using a trowel. You may be stunned when you discover that water is being fast absorbed by trees.

New and young trees must be soaked twice a week in their trees and for mature trees, they can be soaked longer. On how long you will soak it will depend on the type of tree, soil, and the weather. Trees get matured by water around once or twice a month during the height of summer.

Do not wait until the tree is shedding leaves to apply extra water, especially in a drought. Preserving water is very stressful for a weakened plant.

Water bags are very useful for watering newly planted trees. At the ground level, place the devices around the tree and fill them with water. They are designed to slowly discharge water and it will gently drench the soil around the roots without running off.

Trees should be taken cared of not only when they are newly planted, but until they mature. Trees give a lot of benefit to us and in order to achieve these benefits, we should work it out because in the end it will be paid off.