How To Protect Carpet In A Rental Or Dorm Room

Carpet damage often occurs through unexpected accidents that happen in heavily used areas of a room. When wall-to-wall carpeting is installed in a rental home, apartment, or dorm room, the occupants are responsible for keeping this flooring safe from all harm. If damages occur, the renter or lease holder is often responsible for paying to have the floor coverings cleaned, fixed, or replaced.

How to protect carpet in a rental or dorm room:

Kitchen: As Isaac Newton watched a piece of ripe fruit drop from a tree to splatter on the ground, he may have briefly thought about buying some washable area rugs for his kitchen before realizing that he had discovered gravity. Small woven mats and spot rugs have been used for centuries in food preparation areas. Inexpensive small floor coverings can catch all types of spills before they stain the rental carpets.

Washable rugs for the kitchen are found in many wonderful colors, shapes, and patterns. Themed kitchen throw rugs are sometimes sold in sets that provide a half-circle rug for the sink area, a stove-front sized rug to catch grease splatters, and a walkway rug that can fit along your main food preparation counter. Rug sets for the kitchen are sold for prices that often make them very nice housewarming gifts for a person with a new home.

Entertainment Areas: High-quality designer area rugs come in all shapes and sizes. This type of a floor covering can enhance the appearance of television or computer locations that host users every day. Coffee, tea, and some fruit juices can act as natural permanent dyes when this liquid comes into contact with flooring materials. Spills often happen in front of sofas, beside end tables, and where computer gaming is taking place.

Hallways & Stairs: The passageways in our homes often receive the most foot traffic. Halls, stairways, and the doors that lead outside are all floor areas that renters should try to protect. Area rugs come in long sizes for hallways, small stair-step covers, and in waterproof versions that are just right for entry floors. It is possible to choose passageway rugs that are made with plain colors, classy prints, or wild brilliant patterns.

Dining Spaces: Elegant area rugs are often purchased to fit under the dining table to protect the rental carpet or hardwood floors. Flat weaves are often chosen so that chairs will slide easily on top of these dining space rugs. Inexpensive oriental-pattern rugs and area rugs with busy prints are favorite choices for families with children. Patterned area rugs hide little stains better than solid shades of floor coverings.

Bedrooms: Soft and thick bedside rugs are often strategically placed to accommodate the shoe processes. As dirty shoes are taken off at night, a soft throw rug can feel very soothing to your tired bare feet. However, these very nice feeling shag-style area rugs are also providing a covering that is catching unwanted dirt from the shoes as they are put on or removed. Bedside area rugs are often chosen to be machine washable.

Age-appropriate bedroom rugs for small children, pre-teens, and teenagers come in some very fun styles. It is possible to find area rugs that offer games, room-sized rugs in wild colors, and children’s rugs that are devoted to favorite pastimes and activities. Teenagers often enjoy area rugs that are devoted to sports, music, or their important school mascot or colors. Area rugs for teens can come in unusual shapes and color patterns.

Pets: Wall-to-wall carpet damage from pets happens in the finest of homes. Even well-behaved pets can suddenly have a moment of destructive playfulness or a forgetful moment on the way to the potty box. To protect your feather-babies, fur-kids, and lizard-people from creating floor problems in a rental home, cover your rental carpets, hardwood floors, and vinyl floors with room-sized area rugs. Food dish area rugs and sleeping mats can also be used to help your pet to feel at home on your rental floors.