How to Protect Your Home From Monsoon Weather Damage

Moist winds, heavy rains, damp air; they all are responsible for causing damage to our homes in the monsoon season. Building maintenance services, exterior paint services, etc. are some of the services which can be availed for a tension-free monsoon season. It is that we must plan to protect our houses from the monsoon weather damages in advance so that we can enjoy this weather without having to worry about our exterior walls or furniture. Below are some useful steps that will guide you and educate you on how you can keep your home safe from monsoon damages.

Paint the Exterior Walls

The outside beauty of the house totally depends on the exterior walls. Make sure that you get your house repainted with quality waterproof paint on the outside as a preventive measure from rains. You can also get the walls painted after treating them with water-sealant for a more protective layer on your walls. This would guarantee great looking and stronger walls.

Check the Doors and Windows

Make sure that all doors, windows and their respective frames are in good shape. Repainting of the metal frames, fitting of the doors and windows, checking of functioning are some of the main points which should be kept in mind. Ask your carpenter to fix all the damages so that you can enjoy smooth moving doors and windows before the arrival of monsoons.

Clean the Drains and Drainage System

To avoid water clogging in your house and surroundings, make sure that all your drains are clear before the rains begin. Replace the damaged and rusted drainpipes and make sure that all the drains on the balcony and porch are also taken care of. A clean drainage system will not allow water clogging in your house, keeping it safe from the rains.

Check Interior Walls and Ceilings for Seepage

Always look for small gaps, pores and any other leakages in the ceiling and interior walls, which can cause the water to seep in. Before getting your house painted from inside, make sure you get your walls treated with wall-care putty or any other similar water-resistant formula which can take care of all kinds of seepage and also prevent chipping of paint. This will give your walls a longer life. In case there are some cracks, before the paint gets these cracks treated with POP or cement. All these measures will keep your house beautiful and well-maintained to face the monsoons.

Get the Wiring Checked

Electric currents are a great danger in the rainy season. If any wiring is damaged or is left open, it can cause unimaginable damages to your house. Before monsoons, do not forget to call your electrician to do a complete check of wires and electrical connections. Make sure that all the damaged wires and electric points have been checked properly.

The above mentioned points will not only keep your beautiful house free from monsoon weather damages, but will also ensure complete safety of your family from all possible aspects. So now you have the checklist to follow before the rains begin to pour.