How to Pump Up Your Penis Naturally – Excellent Natural Penis Enlargement Tips

Your penis is an amazing organ when you stop and consider how it works.  It the only part of the human anatomy that works the way it does unless you consider a woman’s clitoris, considered in some cultures as the ‘female penis’.  It is an organ, not a muscle, as it requires blood flow to make it work.  When blood flows into the spongy erectile tissue of the penis, it causes the organ to get hard.  When that blood is released, the organ goes soft.  There are muscles associated with the penis as well, namely the Pubo Coccygeal – or PC muscle – that helps you maintain your erection and ejaculation, the same muscle that helps you stop and start your urine stream. 

However, the PC muscle is not the only muscle that works to help you maintain your erection or contributes to the overall size of your penis.  There are two other muscles in your penile shaft that helps determine the thickness and length of your shaft and how well the erectile tissue holds blood.  The Ischio Cavernous (IC) and the Bulbo Cavernous (BC) muscles are two sheets or voluntary muscle that wraps around the shaft of your penis.  When they pump and contract, you get a thicker, more rigid shaft.  By exercising these two muscles in your penis, you could help improve the girth and strength of your penis.   

Girth is not the only thing you can improve.  You can also improve the length of your penis.  The PC ligament runs along the PC muscle from the back of the pubic bone to where it attaches to your penis at the top of the shaft.  From here, it runs a quarter of the length of the penile shaft and it is the connective tissue that anchors your organ to your body.   

When men have penis enlargement surgery, it is this ligament that is severed at the shaft and reattached further up to give you more length.  However, the risk of infection and penile instability makes this method a very last resort for men.  Additionally, men who have this surgery done are looking at using weight attached to their penis to keep it drawn down until the healing process is complete and to prevent the build up of scar tissue.  There is a better way of enlarging your penis. 

By performing penis enlargement exercises – safe and natural exercises like ones you do at the gym lifting weights – you can add up to 3 inches to your length and an inch to your girth.  They are easy to do, require no creams, weights or surgery, and most men see results within a month.  Considering the alternative, penis enlargement exercises are the way every man should go to pumping up their organ the natural way.