How to Read a Stock Quote

Frustrated by all the symbols in a stock quote? Here's a basic overview to reading a stock quote on Yahoo Finance.

If you're like many new stock market investors you are learning all sorts of new things, one of the many things you need to know is how to read a stock quote.

Finance has a Yahoo nice stock quote page, please . Follow along and go The to this web page Http:// and the find out what everything MEANS.

Near the top of the page it will tell you that you are looking up Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) this tells us what company we are looking at. You will then see the last price (which is delayed 20 minutes) and you will see how much the stock has gone up or down for the day.

If you scroll down the page you will find a table with a bunch of data.

Last Trade: This is the last trade that happened on this stock (delayed 20 minutes)

Trade Time: This is the date or the time of the trade

Change: Amount the stock traded up or down in dollars and percentage

Prev. Close: The amount the stock closed at the last day it traded. Generally the day before, unless holiday or weekend

Open: Price the stock opened at today or if weekend or holiday last day it traded

Bid: What various investors are looking to buy the stock for at the current moment

Ask: What various investors are willing to sell the stock for at the current moment

1 yr Est: Estimate for the stock's price in one year's time

Day's Range: The range in price the stock has traded that day

52wk Range: Stock price from low to high over the past year of trading

Volume: Number of shares of stock traded so far today

Avg. Vol (3m): Average number of shares traded each day for the past 3 months

Market Cap: This is the market price for the company take the number of shares outstanding and multiple by the price of the stock

P / E: Price to earnings ratio

EPS: Earnings per share

Div & Yield: The dividend (if any) that you could receive from the company for owning stock

Those are the basic items on that Yahoo finance page; you can also find charts, headlines and some more background information on the company.