How To Rebrand Practically ANY Link Or Text In Any PDF

Sometimes your customers tell you exactly what they are

looking for in a product, and even point out features, or

hidden benefits, of your existing products.

If you listen closely, they even show you whole new

ways of marketing your products.

The perfect example, offering a powerful marketing lesson,

in our new Viral Document Toolkit, a PDF brander and


Viral Document Toolkit was designed to allow a user to

create, or import and edit, a text document, or any document

created in the Microsoft Office Suite, Open Office Suite,

or related programs. It can also easily handle any RTF


After the file is edited in the Viral Document Toolkit

“Builder” specifying which parts are to be rebrandable,

it is saved in a special file format (a .vdt format).

That .vdt file, along with the Viral Document Toolkit

“Brander” is passed along to customers, joint venture

partners, affiliate, etc.

Those that you pass rebrandable files to, open the

Viral Document Toolkit Brander, browse to where a

rebrandable file is, and then open any file with the .vdt


Once the file is open, the program instantly recognized

all of the rebrandable portions of the document, and

displays them in a table where you can change any of them

that you choose to.

The Viral Document Toolkit software allows you to make

plain text, hyperlinks, and embedded hyperlinks rebrandable.

It even allows you to designate HUGE blocks of text as

rebrandable (replaceable). You can also rebrand hyperlinks

embedded behind images.

One of our potential customer was watching a video of the

Viral Document Toolkit which was posted on our site at:

[http://ViralDocument/] and noticed that the software

allowed you to do something ELSE that he wanted to do.

As he watched the demo video, and looked closely at the

types of files that could be opened within the Viral

Document Builder, he noticed that the dropdown list showed

no only Word, WordPerfect, RTF, etc., it also showed several

PDF options.

This customer instantly purchased the software because

he had a number of old PDF files that he wanted to update.

These files had links that no longer worked, and even

sections of text that were no longer accurate. He saw this

as the perfect tool to fix those problems.

When the customer purchased and began using Viral Document

Toolkit, he noticed that his version did NOT offer the

option for opening existing PDF documents.

He became VERY upset and quickly let us know that, accusing

us of “tricking customers.”

We explained to him that the Viral Document Toolkit was never

intended to allow you to modify existing PDF’s and that

it couldn’t do that. That capability never crossed our minds

as we developed the software.

The customer insisted that he had seen the software show

PDF’s as an option in the dropdown menu in the demo video.

Upon going back and reviewing my own video, I discovered

that he was correct. Viral Document Toolkit would indeed

allow me to browse to and open any PDF document that wasn’t

password protected or encrypted. If it was password

protected, it would open it if I had the password.

Further digging revealed what had actually happened. Viral

Document Toolkit uses the converters, and other “pieces”

internal to software already on your machine to identify

what types of documents are on your machine that it can

manipulate. It can “see” practically anything that’s a part

of the Microsoft Office Suite, for example.

The program was also “seeing” PDF converters that I had

downloaded and installed on my laptop when I was working

on other projects. On several occasions, I had documents

ONLY available in PDF that I needed in Word format so that I

could update them. These were generally documents that I

had created or purchased the rights to change them, but that

I couldn’t locate the source files for.

With the converts already installed on my machine, Viral

Document Toolkit did indeed have the ability to use the

pre-installed drivers/converters to change ANY PDF file that

I have except those that were encrypted or password

protected (where I didn’t have the password).

This customer has pointed out to us a “hidden benefit” of

using our software that we had not even sought to create. That

customer had pointed out to us a whole new segment of the

marketplace to us.

That customer had shown us that we did indeed have a

piece of software that would allow you to rebrand almost any

link in any PDF document.

It goes without saying that you should not violate

copyrights or licenses when changing PDF’s. However, an

observant customer taught us “How To Brand Practically

Any Link In Any PDF”