How to Recycle Pine Furniture

Pine is an extremely popular wood for any style or item of furniture. Not only does it look natural, but it can last a lifetime. Neverheless, if you are thinking of purchasing a new item of furniture to replace an old one, why not just brighten up your old item?

This is extremely easy to do, and modernizing your furniture will not only save you money but add a fresh appearance to your home. And it is easy for wooden furniture to start to look drab, after all, the wood itself may last many years, but the color may fade.

A good indication of this is by assessing the edges of your furniture. If they become faded from wear and tear and the color starts to look drab, it is time to start recycling. This kind of wear and tear is a result of sun light and everyday cleaning. But do not hastily throw this piece of furniture away. If it is good quality, all it needs is freshening up!

So first things first, make sure you remove any drawings or loose pieces from the item and place them on the floor. The next thing you need to do is gently scrape all the rough edges and old coating off with a cement scraper. Following this, use a damp cloth to strip any remaining bits from the surface of the wood.

Lastly, use wallpaper to smooth the surface so that it is ready even and free of any splits or splinters. This piece of furniture is now ready for a fresh coating of varnish or wood stain. You might also want to consider painting your pine wood a particular color to change its appearance entirely.

This is very easily done and will not harm the condition of the wood. Recycling your pine furniture is surely a more economically friendly way of freshening up the look of your home without having to spend a fortune on new interior items of furniture.