How to Reduce Your Electric Bill Every Month

Saving electricity at home is not hard, but it takes discipline. The first thing to do is to change all the old style light bulbs and use energy saving bulbs. It is true that the light they give is different, but they have the same intensity as the old ones and save the energy we need. Energy saving light bulbs come in all sizes and they fit the majority of lamps in your home so there is no excuse not to use them. The light they produce is white and not yellowish like the old ones, it reaches farther and the bulbs last longer too even if you have to pay a bit more for them. In the long run you will save energy and money and you will be contributing to world preservation.

Keep all the appliances at home unplugged during the time there is no one at home. Believe it or not appliances keep using electricity even when they are not on. Microwave ovens have timers, television sets have timers, and most other appliances have something that requires energy even when they are not in use. It is new using them. It is not hard to get used to unplugging them before leaving the house in the morning. There are also areas in the house which you do not use every day like the living room, leave the lamps unplugged until you will be using them. You do not need patio lights on if you are not there either.

Change your water heater for the new models, the old ones use energy all day and night keeping the water in the tank hot, the new models only start when the hot water faucet is turned on. Establish a shower schedule in the morning so that your family showers one after the other within minutes. This will keep the heater hot and will save energy by not having to heat up for each person’s shower. The same thing goes for the stove, when you are going to prepare a meal, have everything that has to be cooked ready, cook one thing after the other without allowing the stove to get cold.

Assign laundry days for the whole family, one or two washes per week should be enough for a normal family. Stop with the small washes in the middle of the week because I want to wear this or that and it is dirty. Doing this constantly you are wasting energy, water and money. The drier works much like the stove keep the wet clothes coming and it will remain warm while you load it saving energy by eliminating the warming process.

The refrigerator should be open the least possible times especially during the summer. It works with a thermostat which turns it on or off depending on the temperature inside. If you open it frequently or leave the door open for long periods of time, the inside will warm up and turn on the coolers. The same goes for air conditioning units and heaters, it is not necessary to set them at a freezing temperature during the summer and at a very hot temperature during the winter. By setting them at a comfortable level you will save energy huge amounts of energy. Do not forget to keep the doors and windows shut to keep hot and cold air inside. It is time we think about the future, about our grandchildren and their children. By following these few tips you will be saving money on your electric bill and you will be helping to save our planet for those to come.