How to Relieve Pain Caused by Being Flat Footed

Chronic foot pain is one of the increasing complaints among Americans today. A lot people who are flat footed suffer from what is called planter fasciitis. This is caused by the swelling of ligament that runs underneath your foot. It is a common occurrence among flat footed middle aged people who have heavier builds.

If you think you suffer foot pains from being flat footed read on. In this article we will discuss more about being flat footed and how to alleviate the pain it causes. We hope to answer a lot of people’s problems with chronic foot pain that is cause by having flat feet.

Just to start off, you might want to know that a lot of people have low to flat arches. About 40 percent of all people are flat footed so there is nothing wrong or abnormal about it. In fact the most numerous group, moderately arched feet, make up only 5% more.

One of the problems with being flat footed is the tendency to overpronate. Overpronate is the excessive rolling of the ankles inwards towards the medial part of the foot that causes all sorts of problems. And one of them is plantar fasciitis.

Fortunately a simple way to fix overpronation is to be conscious about the way you walk. A lot of people can actually correct or minimize overpronation with enough practice. Learning to walk without your ankles rolling forward is easier than most people think.

When your overpronated gait gets fixed you’ll be free to walk with less pain. It just takes time a little conscious effort to not let your heels collapse inwards. It is an easy technique that will surely strengthen your feet and eventually relieve chronic pain.

Trying to lose weight also helps in alleviating pain for flat footed people. People do not often think about feet health as a consequence of obesity but it is a major problem. A lot of heavier Americans suffer from feet problems. The problem is twofold: first, heavier weight tends to develop overpronation; second, the sheer weight of the body is too much for your feet.

The most effective way of caring for you flat foot is to wear the correct types of shoes. A lot of people underemphasize the role of shoes in foot health. But a lot of damage can be done to flat footed people wearing the wrong type of shoes. Serious impairment can result in wearing the wrong kind for an extended period of time. Buying the correct type of shoe is the best investment you can do for your achy low arch foot.