How to Remedy Your Paintball Gun Freeze-Up

You’ll find that if your paintball gun is freezing up or firing irregularly, it has to do with the CO2 or carbon dioxide gas. Your expansion chamber will help prevent freezing in the regulator and will also provide uniform pressure. It may be the best solution to the several inconveniences caused by CO2. Of course, any inconveniences that you have can simply be stopped by just ceasing to use CO2 gas. The alternative to CO2 is a Nitro/HPA systems. HPA or high-pressure air and nitrogen, which is the primary component of the air we breathe, is one of the main reasons to use compressed air in paintball guns. It is not a liquid like CO2 while in your tank and will alleviate problems with freeze-up that are sometimes characteristic of CO2 systems. You’ll also find that there may be a transfer of liquid CO2 directly into your paintball gun causing firing problems.

Compressed air will provide you consistent air pressure especially if the air tank is fitted with a regulator valve. Many paintball guns, especially high-end guns, require consistent and uniform air pressure in order to fire properly. This is why many players experienced with paintball equipment use only HPA/Nitro.

You can also find that with CO2 systems, it is harder to get the tanks filled than the compressed air system. With compressed air, an air compressor found at your local gas station is usually incapable of achieving a pressure greater than 350 psi. Paintball guns require a psi of 800-850 or more. Very special and expensive compressors are required to fill HPA/Nitro tanks. You’ll find, therefore, that the best source of compressed air is at your local paintball field or scuba diving shop. If you don’t have access to compressed air, then CO2 is preferable and CO2 tanks are much less expensive than HPA/Nitro systems. Many professional paintballers, prefer this type of fuel for their paintball gun even though compressed air is sometimes hard to find. The primary benefit is the fact that they’re going to improve the consistency of their shooting and it will allow them to fire more rapidly without worrying about freezing up their paintball gun. Most of all, have fun! This is what it is all about!