How to Remove a Stubborn Bush

Have you ever had that bush that just seemed to stay in the ground no matter what you tried to remove it? Well hopefully in this article I can provide you with some ideas on how to finally get rid of that stubborn bush. The first thing you need to do is collect any tools that you might have that could aid in the removal process. I would recommend a shovel, hatchet or small axe, a large axe or pick axe if the bush is very large, and some hedge clippers. If you do not have an axe you could use the edge of your shovel to cut away at some of the bush. So here are the steps to removing that bush.

Step One – Cut back the bush. If you have a large bush you will want to trim back the bush so that you can get at the root a lot better. You could use hedge clippers or an axe to cut away the parts that are in the way. Trim the bush down until you get to the root of the bush and you have better access to dig it up. Make sure to always wear protective gear whenever you are working in the yard. I would suggest wearing safety glasses and gloves. That way if the a piece of the bush flies into your face you will be more protected.

Step Two – Try to dig under the bush. The key to removing a bush and ensuring that it does not grow back is to get deep under the bush and pulling it out with all the roots. To accomplish this task you will have to dig deep into the ground. If you have a hard ground I would suggest maybe soaking the area with your hose for 15 minutes to ensure that you can dig deeper. If your ground is extremely hard you may have to use a pick axe to dig deep. A pick axe will ensure that you get deep into the ground and break up the dirt so you are able to remove the bush more easily with a shovel.

Step Three – Pull out the bush. The easiest way to remove the stubborn bush is to get your shovel deep underneath it and pry the bush up. You will be to work the shovel around and eventually push the bush up. Do not try the prying method if you have a wooden handle. The pressure on the shovel will most likely snap the handle. However, if you have a fiberglass handle it will bend much more effectively and will not break. If the bush still refuses to come out you will want to take the pick axe to it. When swinging the pick axe try to get the axe to go deep under the root. You can then use the axe to pry the bush up. Once the bush is a little more loose go back to prying it with your shovel.

Step Four – Clean up. Once your bush is removed you may need to clean up any other parts of the root that are still in the ground. This can be done with a simple small axe. You can cut away at the bush root and pull it out as necessary. Make sure to try and clean out all the root you can.

With these steps it is my hope you are able to remove that pesky bush and begin creating the garden of your dreams. If you have any questions or ideas please leave them in the comments section and we will be sure to address them or add them to this article.