How to Remove Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

When it comes to interior décor, change is constant. As designers, we always want to update, refresh or re-energize our space. There is always a new look calling to us. But change is not always easy. In the past it has always amounted to a lot of work, replacing one look with another. But that is no longer the case, at least when it comes to the interior walls of your space. Updating your look has become a snap with self-adhesive wallpaper.

This article will tell you how to remove self-adhesive wallpaper. We will also discuss the changes between this process and removing traditional wallpaper. You will not need any tools. You will not make a mess and you will not damage your walls. When you learn how easy it is to remove self-adhesive wallpaper, your approach to décor may change forever.

Traditional vs. Self-Adhesive

Removing wallpaper has always been a difficult, time-consuming task. It used to require a drop cloth, painter’s tape, a putty knife and long hours of work. With traditional wallpaper you had to mix a solution of chemicals, apply it to the wall, remove the paper, apply the chemicals again, scrape off the adhesive, all while carefully trying not to damage the drywall or plaster underneath. Even worse, some wallpaper proved more difficult to remove than others, requiring the use of a wallpaper steamer. This was no easy task. In fact, many people who wanted to change the look of their home every time they stared at their fading paper decided not to simply because the job of taking down the old paper was too daunting. Now, with the advent of self-adhesive wallpaper, that is no longer the case.

One simple step!

Removing self-adhesive wallpaper requires precisely one step. Lift the corner of one section and gently pull. The paper comes off in one piece – no sticky glue, no stubborn adhesive, no tattered remnants of paper or plaster. The paper is designed to be removable. It peels off clean, simply pull and it’s done! Getting the paper on the wall in the first place is just as easy. Application is simple. Peel off the back sheet and apply the paper to the surface of any wall. It hangs like traditional wallpaper. Its water-based adhesive is not affected by moisture so it is perfect for any room, including the bathroom or kitchen. Then, when you decide to change the look, it slides off in one piece, leaving the wall exactly as it had been prior to hanging the paper.

No need to wait to update the style of any space

Self-adhesive wallpaper makes decorating and redecorating a snap. It’s the perfect solution for décor lovers who want to update their space with the latest trends. A room can be transformed in minutes using the most powerful and effective aspect of any interior space – the walls. Changing the wallpaper in your home or office is now the fastest and most inexpensive way to bring a fresh look to your space.

Who can use self-adhesive wallpaper?

Because removing the self-adhesive wallpaper is so simple, it’s not just good for your home or office. Self-adhesive wallpaper is perfect for transforming a temporary space. Want to brighten up a dorm room? No problem! Tired of staring at the plain, dull walls of a rented apartment? Use self-adhesive wallpaper to bring color and class to your place in minutes. And when it’s time to move on, simply loosen a corner and peel away the paper, leaving the walls exactly as they were when you moved in. Live in luxury without having to spend a lot, knowing you can remove the paper and restore the original look in minutes if needed.