How to Repair a Hot Tub Filter Housing Leak on a Hot Tub?

Filter Housing Leak Review

Sooner or later, you will need a hot tub leak repair depends on how you care for your spa. A tub spa normally does not leak. The majority tub leaks can be derived to certain parts of the tub such as: heater assembly manifold, pump wet end seal, jet bodies, PVC plumbing parts and tubing, slice and gate valves, connections. It is recommended to do tub leak repair in the beginning to avoid hot tub severe damaged.

Leak and discolorations are the most filter housing problem. Discoloration is usually happened on an older hot tub while the hot-tub leak unclean water. Housing leak can damage tub overall if you don’t do anything, not so with discoloration.

Filter housing discoloration is a nature event with really nothing you can do now but know it is happening. Over time it will happen to brittle and easy to break. Until it starts being a problem and it’s out of spectacle, let it be not in of mind as well.

The discoloration will not hurt anything including housing; it is just natural discoloration from over a decade of use. You do not need to worry about it since it is still working well.

How to repair a filter housing leak spas problem?

Having a housing leak in your hot tub can be a real throbbing, especially if you don’t know what you have to be done. You need to call tub repair professional for easy way.

The best way to stop a leak between the filters housing and the shell is by draining some of the water in your tub to get it below the filter. You can add some good silicone sealant and caulk all of the seams between the tub shell and the filter housing.

Make sure to press the sealant into the gaps with your finger or caulking tool to get good penetration and let it set until fully cured before filling. Filter housing leak might cause a plumbing leak or damage the housing when you try to remove it. So you must do carefully.

Make sure there is no strain on the filter housing system, the o-ring locks up with strain. Depending on the diameter of housing, a large pair of channel locks or a strap wrench should work. But be careful to hesitate you don’t want to break the filter head. Remember to do carefully.