How To Repair A Table Lamp or Floor Lamp

We strongly suggest that YOU DO NOT DO THIS ELECTRICAL REPAIR YOURSELF unless you are experienced and qualified. If you are qualified and experienced then no further instructions should be necessary.

There are just too many variables and too much to risk. Today there are many new socket configurations, many electrical cord types and other electrical specifications among other things to take into account. It simply makes more sense to have this type of repair done at a professional lamp shop that specializes in lamp repairs.

All of the lamp repair companies with which we are familiar do repairs at a nominal charge and consider lamp repairs almost as a loss leader service just to get people in their store. You will likely find that a lamp repair shop will do the work for less than what it costs you in travel expenses and for electrical parts.

We sell lamp parts in our brick and mortar store and it is very common to see a customer return 2-3 times to get an additional lamp part that they later determined was necessary to complete their lamp repair. By the time they completed the repair they could have paid us to repair 2 or 3 lamps.

I have read numerous internet articles on lamp and lighting repairs and there is enough misinformation and partial information floating about to get a well intentioned handy man into some serious trouble or at the very least to cost him some real inconvenience.

So, pack up your defective lamp or chandelier and take it to a professional. The cost is nominal and you will sleep so much better!

– Jim Hoyle