How to Repair an Ionic Breeze Air Purifier – Easy Steps to Help Your Air Purifier Last Longer

The ionic breeze air purifier is one of the compact models of air cleaners usually installed in homes and offices.

It works without a filter or fan producing no noise at all. The ionic air purifier has an ionizer built in that produces electric charge with the help of plates. This attracts all types of pollutants in the air. The electric charge produced between the plates forces the air to pass through, nullifying the need of any fan. The ionic air purifier is good for installing in offices and other places where a quiet environment is required.

Before delving into how to get your ionic purifier repaired, here are a number of precautions that can make your system last longer, avoiding any repairs. The ionic purifier needs to be cleaned frequently. The cleaning procedure is itself simple but any negligence in cleaning the purifier as regularly as required can shorten the life of your device. Ideally you should clean it every 7 or 8 days and one should not wait for the unit to prompt the user that it needs a clean.

The ionic purifier, for obvious reasons is sensitive to any electrostatic charge near it. All electrical appliances that transmit signals should be kept away from it; otherwise the ionizer can be damaged easily. Also, a separate socket should be allocated to the purifier for power and no other appliance should be plugged in it.

The most common repair required when your ionizer stops working is related to the two wires found inside the unit that become detached if there is a problem. These are high voltage wires that burn and the circuit breaks. This happens due to negligence in cleaning the unit. They are not easy to repair and it is not advisable to try replacing or repairing them yourself.

What you need to do is to find someone specializing in repairing these units and he or she can fix the problem for you.