How to Repair Concrete Patio

If your patio is made of concrete you should know that time after time repairing or partial fixing of the concrete might be required. Although the material is solid and durable, sooner or later it becomes a subject to repair. Most often unfavorable weather conditions do badly warp the concrete. The article provides instructions on how to repair concrete patio if it has a crack, is damaged or flaked. We hope you will find all the necessary information here.

Dealing with Cracks

Things you will need: epoxy tubes, acid cleaning agent, concrete mix, and caulk gun.


Step 1. Get down to repairing works when the weather is not: hot, windy. The overcast sky on a cool brisk day would be the best choice. The thing is – the mixture should be able to dry as slowly as possible.

Step 2. Thoroughly examine the surface to figure out how much injectable epoxy will be required to fix the existing cracks.

Step 3. Buy the right size of epoxy tube and the caulk gun.

Step 4. With an acid cleaner cleanse the whole spot. This chemical will let the new portion of cement get better fixed on the old one.

Step 5. With the epoxy tube inserted in the caulk gun inject it into all cracks on the cement surface. Let epoxy dry.

Step 6. Smoothly apply the concrete mixture evenly on the surface. Allow to dry before use.

Dealing with Damages

Rain (water) may easily worsen the existing damages on the cracked concrete patio.


Step 1. Using stone chisel remove all loose pieces.

Step 2. With a grinder (plus abrasive masonry) widen narrow cracks for better filling.

Step 3. Cleanse the spot; use a shop vacuum for holes / cracks.

Step 4. Sprinkle the place with water; remove excess.

Step 5. Remove the grout container tip, the cut should be a bit smaller than the crack width. Fill the crack with the grout.

Step 6. If the crack is up to 0.5″ (or 12 mm), apply the grout in layers letting each dry completely.

Note: You may use resurfacer for filling small cracks after the repair. Use pourable crack filler for deep small cracks.

Dealing with Flakes

In the freezing weather moisture may easily add flakes to the concrete patio. Begin repairing the patio only when sure it won’t rain during the next 3-4 days.


Step 1. Remove loose pieces, cleanse the spot.

Step 2. Use pressure washer (available in rental centers) to clear away tiny particles. Let the surface be damp but remove excess water.

Step 3. Make the concrete mixture as per instructions. Apply the concrete to the holes using a small   trowel  or large putty knife. Remove excess.

Step 4. Let the patch dry completely (15 – 20 hours).

Step 5. When all flaked spots are patched and dry apply the “skim coat” over the whole concrete area; use paint roller.

Note: You may walk on the surface after 48 hours, and move heavy objects after 72.

We have almost fully equipped you with the necessary instructions and useful tips on how to repair concrete patio. God luck with the repair!