How to Repair Marmoluem Floors

If you have a glued down Marmoleum Floor and have either a deep scratch or gouge, this is the information you’ve been looking for. Repairing any sheet flooring may never be as good as new, options do exist to fix damaged flooring.

Before trying this on your Marmoleum floor, be sure to test it out in an hidden inconspicuous area.

Try it either in a closet or under the stove. While in my opinion, it does work well, you may not like the results. So be smart and test it out.

I suggest you play with it to get the hang of it. First try follow the directions below on a scrap, making a deep gouge in the scrap and then doing a test repair. If satisfactory, make the repair


-Take a scrap or order a sample and scrape the material surface with a knife blade to create a finely ground up Marmoleum particle.

-Once you have a bunch of colored Marmoleum Dust or Particles, Make a paste using a small amount of Elmers glue. Start out by adding just a few drops of glue and add more until you get it to a dry mushy paste.

-Take the paste and apply in to the damaged area.

-Next, smooth it out over the scratch or gouged area.

-Let it dry overnight.

-Finally, once dry, you can apply Marmoleum floor polish if needed to the effected area or reapply to the entire floor if desired. Applying the floor finish/polish will help bring the patch to the same sheen level as the existing area.