How To Repair Your Garage Door

Overhead garage doors are of two types. They can roll up in sections, or they may swing up as one piece. Both of these two types operate on spring tension. Metal tracks present on the garage walls are the paths along which the door moves. The power is provided by hefty springs. Repairs of the door when it fails to move smoothly can be done quite easily.

First, check the metal tracks and the mounting brackets that fasten the tracks with the garage walls. If the screws at the brackets are loose, tighten them. Close the garage door and move inside the garage. Then examine the tracks for the presence of dents or creases. In case there exits a damaged spot, use a rubber mallet or a hammer and some scrap wood to strike those out. However, if the tracks are damaged at several places, you would do better to replace them altogether.

The second task would be to check whether the tracks are properly aligned. This can be ascertained with a level. Horizontal tracks are supposed to slightly slope back towards the inside of the garage. The vertical sections of the tracks of roll-up doors should be accurately perpendicular. The tracks should reach the same height on the garage wall. You may try to realign the tracks yourself by slackening the bolts or the screws that support the mounting bracket, but without removing them, and carefully beating the tracks back into their correct position. After the work is done, you should confirm if the tracks have been returned to the proper location, and after that tighten the screws or the bolts.

The tracks in roll-up garage door are somewhat more complex because these bend from vertical to horizontal. You must ensure that both the parts are aligned accurately.

The third step in routine maintenance of garage doors is to cleanse the tracks and remove hardened grease and accumulated dirt. This can be done using any household cleaner. The rollers must be cleaned scrupulously. After all the parts are cleaned, these should be wiped with a dry cloth so that these are not left damp.

Garage door lubricants are available in spray forms that can be applied on the tracks and the rollers as well to lubricate these parts. Otherwise, lubrication of the track can be done using graphite powder, and the rollers can be greased using silicone sprays, or even household oil. Pulleys, if present, need to be lubricated using the same material that is to be used for the rollers.

All loose hardware must be tightened. Proper maintenance of garage doors is imperative to prevent undue wear and tear and for ensuring longer lifespan of the garage door.