How To Reset Your File Opening Defaults

When it comes to playing your music files, or opening a document, there are many computer programs to choose from. Some computer programs work better than others, and over time it is easy to come to depend upon a computer program to open your favorite files. Many people have a particular program they like to use to view the latest video, edit an important document, or even rock out to their favorite song. When you use the same program over, and over again most of the time people will open their files in the same way each time. After some time, shortcuts will be created in order to make opening the files faster, and easier. The shortcuts can range from creating a sequence of button pushes, to combing several actions into one simple button press.

Unfortunately, sometimes when you download a file, or use a new browser, the file or browser will change the default player settings of your videos, documents, or music files. This can be greatly frustrating, especially if it took a long time for you to create the shortcuts in the first place. Most downloaded files, or browsers will ask permission before making any changes, but oftentimes people are not paying attention as they go through the download process, and fail to notice the extra option at the bottom of a setup screen asking if the person wishes to allow a default setting change made. All it takes is clicking on the wrong link at the wrong time, and all your hard work creating useful shortcuts can be gone in an instant.

If this happens to you, and you are using a computer running Microsoft Windows, there is an easy fix to get your default settings changed back to what you had before:

  • Once you have located the file you wish to open, hold down the shift key and right click on the desired file name.
  • Select “Open with” then “Choose Program”. Select the program you want to use from the list or choose “Browse”.
  • After selecting the program you want to use to open your file, make sure to check the box that says “Always use the selected program” then click OK.

If you are using a Mac, the steps to changing your default settings are very similar to those for which are used to make changes on a Microsoft Windows based computer. Also, remember to pay attention whenever you setup a new program on your computer, or whenever you setup a new internet browser that the program doesn’t make any changes to your default settings that you didn’t intend to be made.