How to Resolve Windows Installer 1618 Error – Fix For the 1618 Error on Windows

The 1618 error generally shows when you try and install a program on a Windows computer using the “Windows Installer” application. The error is basically caused by the presence of more-than-one Windows Installer program, making it impossible for your computer to run at least one of the installers. This can cause all sorts of problems, from not allowing you to install the program you want; but fortunately – it’s extremely easy to fix if you’re able to follow the various steps which will resolve the errors which cause it.

This error will generally show in these two variations:

  • Error 1618: Another installation is already in progress. Complete that installation before proceeding with this install.

The problem that causes the error is all down to the way in which Windows works. Each time you want to install a program on your PC, certain important processes are used which only one installer can utilize at a time; meaning that if you have more than one instance of Windows Installer open, it’s not going to work. Windows Installer can open from the likes of having automatic updates installing on your system, or from a previous install which did not occur.

The way to resolve error 1618 is quite simple. You first need to ensure that only once instance of Windows Installer is running, which can be done by press CTRL + ALT + DEL on your keyboard to load up the Task Manager. This will show you all the running processes & applications that are on your system, where you should be able to look through and remove the various versions of Windows Installer that might be operating. This is vital for the integrity of your system, as having any more than one installer running at once will cause Windows to save many of its files in the wrong way, causing them to become damaged and unreadable.

It’s also recommended that you then use what’s known as a “registry cleaner” program to scan through your system and fix the various problems which could also lead to the 1618 error. The registry is a central database which stores all the files, settings & information which Windows requires to run, and is where the likes of your desktop wallpaper, latest emails and even your saved passwords are stored. Because this database is holds so many vital details for your PC, it’s actually one of the most important parts of the entire Windows system… but is also prone to a lot of problems which can cause Windows to slow down or stop working entirely. You should fix this by using a ‘registry cleaner’ to scan through your PC and fix any potential errors inside the registry.