How to Restore Door Panels and Carpets – Easy and Quick Guide

The restoration process of automotive door panels and carpets is no hard job at all if you had primarily determined the items or parts that should be detached or removed so as for you to do the job. The fact is, you can do it by yourself and can be done after couple of hours. However, you need to remember that you must obtain first the proper tools or materials needed in this job. If you have then already the tools and materials in restoring door panels and carpets, you can now follow these steps.

1. Lay the carpet under the sun for at least 2 – 3 hours so that the wrinkles or folds will gone and to make the job easier.

2. While waiting for the carpet, remove the cables of the battery in your car so as for you to ensure safety while working.

3. Get now the tools needed in restoring the door panels and carpets such as the torx, drivers, awl and ice pick.

4. Remove the front seats of your car safely, be sure not to damage any electric connections that are attach in the seats. Unfasten the tracks that are bolted to the floor of the car properly. Typically, you need to move first the rear seat so that you can remove the bottom, grab it one point and pull it upwards.

5. After removing the seats, next thing to do is to remove the seat belts. The bolts that attach the seat belts is already exposed, that is why you will easily remove it. In most cars, one side of the belt is attached to the floor and the other side is on the frame rail so you need to remove it both.

6. Now, remove the interior kick panels, trim and sill plates. Then you need also to remove the console and floor shifter.

7. After which, remove the old rug or carpet by grabbing one angle and roll neither pull it to the center and out of the car. Clean the flooring of your car or if you want you can also wash it but be sure that all electrical wirings are properly secured keeping them dry and undamaged.

8. After that, lay the new carpet and trim the edges so as for the new carpet to properly fit in your car.

9. Finally reinstall the parts that you have removed initially following the same procedure as on how you remove it.

Restoring door panels and carpets is very easy that any car owner can do for their car. So the next time you need to restore door panels and carpets you don’t need to visit a car upholstery shop or car repair / restoration shop making you to save money effectively.