How To Safely Recycle Your Old Trampoline?

We just started our new recycling campaign in the UK last week, the system involves 3 new bins and I have to say is quite complicated. We will get used to it though and in time I’m sure it will have a very positive impact on the environment. When this new system came into place though, the question was bought up in the office regarding what the recycling procedures are now for trampolines. We will walk you through the recycling process when you are retiring your old family trampoline.

First thing to keep in mind is that you don’t necessarily have to get rid of your old trampoline. The market Is full of trampoline part retailers where you can rebuild your old trampoline for not too much at all. Generally the frame has been built to last a good few years which means that it’s only the trampoline pads and trampoline bed that have to be replaced. When purchasing these trampoline parts it’s imperative that you measure the trampoline properly, when measuring your trampoline you measure from the most outer points of the frame and not the bed itself. Once you have the correct size we recommend looking for either pvc or polyester trampoline pads. Either of these materials are made to last in all types of weather and are designed to withstand the sun, which means that they don’t crack. This means that the trampoline has a longer lifespan and there is less likelihood of having to replace the trampoline parts in the near future.

Trampolines are mostly made from steel and steel is quite a valuable commodity that can be recycled. There are a number of ways to recycle your trampoline then. The first and foremost way is to just take it to your local council recycling point where they will assist you in disposing of the trampoline. Another method is to call a local steel merchant, there are a number on the internet who come pick up your old trampoline for free and then recycle the steel. Another popular option is to get a few pounds for your old trampoline at a metal scrap yard in the area.

When recycling though keep in mind a few factors that are important when it comes to recycling. Only the trampoline frame itself can be recycled properly, as the trampoline pads and trampoline bed are made of non-recyclable materials.

Trampoline beds are made of the same materials as your average pond liners etc. If you are a keen gardener, you would be able to use the bed as a hardy mat or liner for a new garden feature. You could also use the mat as a yoga mat a sit’s tough and cut to the right shape. An interesting option would be to use your old mat as a cover for your new trampoline if you have upgraded or replaced the old unit.

Recycling is an important part of our community and should be viewed as much, when it comes to disposing of children’s toys. There are a number of ways we can protect our environment by being just a little more conscious about how to recycle.