How to Save Your Marriage When it Seems Impossible

When your partner doesn’t want to cooperate, you need to carry the challenge of how to save your marriage alone. It will be hard but always remember, nothing is impossible if you hold on to what God suggests you to do. He has promises to each one of us and for whatever it is, you will see that His plan is perfect.

If you desire to save your marriage and your partner is not cooperative, what is the best thing to do? You have to examine what is wrong with the marriage. It will be important that you speak to your partner according to his availability. You need to know what it is that makes your partner unhappy or happy. He/she may have things to hate about you and you need to know them so you know what to change about you.

Fixing a broken marriage is too hard especially when you both need to change things in yourselves, and the change means major adjustments. If your partner is having an affair with another person, it will be too painful and hard to solve, but you need to do something if you really want to save your marriage. You have the right to do something about it so don’t just sit there and watch your falling marriage.

How to save your marriage and win back the heart of your spouse is easy in a way. How do you do it? I always tell my friends who have the same problem that it will be easy if we will just surrender it to God. True love comes from Him and so if we want genuine love, we ask it from Him. Have you watched the movie “fireproof”? In that movie, there was only one of the couple who wanted to save the marriage, the other one doesn’t even care. But in the end, as the husband waited on the Lord and continuously listen and obey God’s instructions, his wife realized that she loves his husband so much.

It may seem that you don’t know how to save your marriage and it may be too impossible to make things work out. But if you will just try to know what God says about it, you will understand that it wouldn’t be impossible if it is really what He wants. Remember He has a plan for all of us. All we have to do is focus on Him. He will guide our way.

The gap between you and your spouse may require you and your partner to be changed. Remember that you cannot work on the change, you need God to do that. You are not capable of changing yourself and forcing your partner to change too. Changing your spouse will take place in God’s intervention so learn how to trust in Him. God knows how to save your marriage. Pray and believe. When God is with you, who can be against you. If you have clean intentions, God will see that. He is always knocking. Let Him enter and take control.