How to Set-Up and Use Filtration Kits

Proper air quality management is vital in hydroponics. Even if you have a small garden, ensure that your plants receive their required air supply. Plants utilize the carbon dioxide present in air to prepare their food. Inadequate air supply deprives your plants of nourishment and makes them droop and wilt. Improper air supply can also leave your plants vulnerable to many diseases.

Air quality management involves using well-designed and efficient equipment. The most common option is known as a filtration kit. The filtration kit is a combination of devices that promote air circulation and remove unpleasant odors.

Components of a Filtration Kit

The type of filtration kit you select will depend on the size of your garden and any budgetary constraints you might have. A basic filtration kit will consist of a blower or fan, a carbon filter, and some ducting. Each component serves a purpose as described below:

Fans: The fan promotes air exchange. There are many different types of fans available such as centrifugal fans and oscillating fans. They come in many sizes depending on your garden’s needs. If fans are not to your liking, you can use Active Air blowers instead.

Carbon filters: Carbon filters purify the air and keep it odor-free. Carbon filters contain activated charcoal, which acts like a sponge and absorbs contaminant particles and odor molecules. The Deau Passe filters function in tandem with the attached fan.

Ducting: Ducts perform the important function of bringing in fresh air and removing stale air. Ducts are usually made of metal and come in elbow, T, and Y shapes for added flexibility.

Installing a Filtration Kit

Before you install your filtration apparatus, you must decide where you want to put it. For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended that the filter be close to the ceiling. Stale air is warmer than fresh air and will naturally rise upwards. While fans may be   suspended  from the  ceiling , mounting it on a wall near the ceiling is a better option. Most fans come with wall mounting brackets for attachment to walls.

Carbon filters need not be directly attached to a fan. Maximum efficiency can be obtained by having a small length of ducting between the two, allowing them to work properly. Ducts are attached to appliances using duct clips, which attach the ducts firmly without causing any damage.