How To Sexually Satisfy Your Woman – Here's A Unique Technique That Will Turn TURN HER ON During Foreplay

This article is for guys who like to SEXUALLY SATISFY their women. If that's you – please read on carefully because you are about to discover a very powerful FOREPLAY technique that you can use to instantly take your woman's sexual arousal up a few levels.

In other words – if you want to get her hot, wet, horny and BEGGING YOU for more … you will find this foreplay technique extremely useful …

Most men make the big mistake of ignoring foreplay. They see it as boring and unnecessary.

But the reality is that if you want to sexually satisfy your woman, foreplay is necessary.

In fact, it's very necessary.

Foreplay is the time to turn your woman on and get her IN THE MOOD and if you do not do this – she will not enjoy the arbitration as much as she should. And if she does not enjoy the intercourse, sooner or later she'll stop wanting to have sex.

And when women stop wanting to have sex with their men (because these men are not doing them right), a very high percentage of these women end up cheating.

So do not let that happen to you.

Always give your woman good foreplay and enjoy the process.

Anyways, let's talk about the technique I promised you …

This technique can be used in the very early stages of foreplay (when you are both still clothed) and it's designed to INSTANTLY increase her sexual expedition.

The technique puts you in a DOMINANT position and your woman in a very submissive position – something she'll love.

She'll love it because women are sexually submissive in the bedroom.

Here's how you do it:

As you are kissing her, back her up against a wall (do this gently so you do not hurt her).

Then smoothly turn her around so that the front of her body is against the wall. You'll notice she gets more TURNED ON when you do this.

Then start kissing her neck and let her feel your crotch rub on her ass. At this point – she'll start breathing deeper and she'll be getting very SEXUALLY EXCITED.

Now, here's the clever bit …

Lift her top / shirt, so that her back is exposed. Let the top / shirt ride up all the way up to her arms, but do not take it off completely. Instead, leave it on her arms and use it to hold her arms overhead.

So she's still still facing the wall, but now you have her arms overhead and resting on the wall and you are holding them using her top / shirt.

This give you all the power and she'll get off on your dominant position.

Okay, so there you have it – a simple and highly effective foreplay technique that'll instantly increase your woman's sexual excitment.

Of course, this technique on it's own will not guarantee that you give your woman GREAT SEX. To give your woman great sex and totally sexually satisfy her – you must do lots of other things, including giving her VAGINAL ORGASMS.