How to Shoot Paintball

Never shot a paintball gun before? A little concerned as to how that might go? Here's a quick breakdown on how to shoot paintballs out of a paintball gun. There are generally 3 steps to shooting a paintball, and here they are:

Fill the Hopper – With paintballs of course . Get your.68 caliber paintballs, open up the bag and pour in the paint into your paintball hopper. The hopper is what attaches to the top of your marker, and attaches to what is called the "ball breech." Fill it with as many paintballs as you think you will need. Most hoppers can hold 200 rounds, but sometimes you do not need that much, especially if you are just shooting around for fun.

Attach Your Air Source – Take you air tank, which should be specifically made ​​for a paintball gun, and screw it into your marker's ASA. ASA is an acronym, which stands for Air Source Adapter. The ASA is found at the bottom of your marker, usually under the grip. A trick to screwing in your tank is to hold your marker vertically, with the ASA pointing straight up. Take your tank and set the thread part of it (also known as the tank's "valve") into the the ASA. It should be loosely setting in it. Slowly twist the tank, but do not force it in. The tank's threads should catch on the threads of the ASA, and it should start to screw into the ASA. This is the safest way to screw in your tank, as it causes the least damage to you're the threads in the ASA, and the threads on your tank.

Safety First – Before you screw in your tank, you should make sure your marker's safety is on. If your safety is on your marker will not fire, and the trigger should feel stiff and immovable. Once your tank has been screwed into the ASA, and you hear that cool gassing up sound, then continue to the next step.

Cock, and Shoot! – If your marker is mechanical, like a Tippmann 98, then there should be a bolt protruding from the side of the marker. This is the bolt, and must be cocked back before you can shoot. Simply cock it back, turn off the safety, and pull the trigger to fire the marker!