How to Shovel Snow Faster

Shovel more often

Use a push style shovel

No dah, right? Nobody wants to shovel more than they have to right? But would you rather shovel more often and save time or wait till you have a mound of snow to plow through and risk hurting your back?

With a little planning and a little effort, winter shoveling can be a lot faster.

When it begins snowing you never know if the snow will be easy or difficult to shovel. As soon as there is a couple inches on the ground get out there and shovel it off. Reasons

  • First it will be very easy shovel
  • You will see where all the obstacles
  • Makes preceding shoveling easy

By getting out there early you will do less work, than if you wait. Lets say a large snow storm is dropping snow. If you wait to dig out, the snow could be really heavy. You won’t be able to see where your driveway ends and the grass begins. The snow could get trampled down which means you’ll have to spend time removing that packed snow.

Sure you’ll do more snow shoveling but it will take you far less time overall and you can then grab your favorite warm drink and watch others struggle to dig themselves out.

I’ve tested this myself and found that it was much easier and spent a lot less time shoveling. I have plenty of time to treat the driveway and sidewalks and kept them clear all winter long. I had no more back pain or sore hands. And found my neighbors following my same plan to their delight.

This will also give you an opportunity to earn a bit of cash as well, helping other people dig themselves out. Add a snow plow to your vehicle and you can be done plowing in no time. Look for a good used snow plow.