How to Start a Makita Concrete Saw

The Makita concrete saw is a very dependable saw that can handle a lot of abuse. One thing people not use to them will have though is getting them to start and keep them running long enough to finish their job.

Here are a few tips on starting and using the Makita concrete saw that will definitely help you with your job. We sill begin with how to properly start the Makita concrete saw.

First you will want to place the black lever in the back by the handle in the up choke position. You will then pull the cord until the saw “hits”, that means it acts like it wants to start but doesn’t. After it does this or no more than four pulls place the lever into the middle run position. At this time pull and lock in the trigger and pull the cord again. It should start now after one or two pulls.

There is another thing you must be aware of if you cut the Makita concrete saw off during operation. If you are running the saw and it happens to die or you turn it off to take a break, do not choke the saw when you go to start it back up. This will certainly flood it out and you will be waiting for thirty to forty-five minutes before it will start again.

Doing these few things will help you to keep your saw running smoothly and starting every time. This can be tricky but with the right information it is easy.