How to Stay Lean and Ripped

Do you want just another "average body fat" body or are do you want a super lean and ripped body.

Exercise and weight loss are the keys to getting super-lean and ripped. But have you been able to accomplish it and keep it? The problem is body fat. Body fat can be stubborn! And if you're like most people, you have no idea about how to get your body fat low enough to reveal those ripped abs and extremely defined muscles you work so hard for.

The Problem? You're going about it completely the wrong way. Let's consider the approach most body builders and fitness competitors use to keep the body-fat down.

Are you ready for it? Okay, here it is …

The trick is to train and diet in cycles. You want to workout hard for a season, and then ease off for a while to allow maintenance or growth for your body.

No, I'm not talking about getting in great shape, then letting yourself get fat. What I'm talking about is going from good shape to great shape, then easing back off to good shape, continuously repeating the process.

It's that easy.

The truth is that being lean and "ripped" is not a condition that's easy nor healthy to maintain on a consistent basis. It's just too hard to stay there and live a something normal life. And your body will begin to rebel against your efforts and your health (and muscles) will suffer.

Another reason you would not want to stay super lean and "ripped" all year round is that you've got to be on a strict diet all year round. No breaks … no recuperation … no good!

No one can stay on a super-restricted low-calorie diet indefinitely. Sooner or later your metabolism will slow down and then you will have a hard time keeping the fat off. But if you "cycle" and diet for, say, 3 months, then ease off for a while and eat a little more, then go back to your diet, then eat a little more again, your metabolic rate will be energized. Also, you will not lose muscle and health this way.

What if you had the power to control your body fat without losing your health? You could get yourself super lean whenever you wanted. You could look your best for all those special occasions like when summer comes, or your trip to the Caribbeans, or for your wedding.

Would not you like to be in control of your body like that? "Cycling" is the key. Even if you have no desire to compete, try this cycling approach yourself. It can work as well for you as it does for those elite bodybuilders.