How to Stop a Toothache Without Opening Your Mouth

Ouch! – It always comes at the wrong time and is worse at night when you’re desperately trying to get to sleep.

Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded toothache. It can be the most excruciating pain and can last so long that it can really drag you down and make you feel positively ill.

So you’ll want to find out how to stop a toothache quickly…

Well, my first reaction when toothache pain strikes, is to try the following simple tricks that can often stop a toothache without even opening your mouth. They are very useful when you’re out in company or when no other forms of pain relief are available.

These two tips are based on the alternative therapy that is referred to as ‘Acupressure’, which in turn is loosely based on the art of Acupuncture and uses finger pressure instead of needles to stimulate the nerve endings at certain selected pressure points.

o There is a pressure point in the webbed portion between the thumb and the index finger, which is easy to access and can be worked on unobtrusively whilst in company or sitting in a public place like a restaurant or on public transport.

To relieve your toothache pain you can work on the hand that corresponds to the side on which you feel the pain. For example, if your toothache pain is on the left side of your mouth, then you would work on your Left hand.

So in our example, hold your Left the hand palm downwards, slightly spread your thumb and forefinger and using the other hand, thumb on top, begin to add pressure with your ‘right’ thumb in at the apex of the ‘V’ between the thumb and forefinger of the ‘left’ hand. (i.e. the webbed area between the thumb and forefinger).

If you create small circles with your right thumb and gradually add pressure, you will feel a more tender area and that is the area where you can gradually add more pressure, massaging in tiny circles, maintaining the pressure for short bursts of 10 seconds and releasing the pressure for a couple of seconds between each 10 second spell. – Continue this pressure treatment for at least five minutes or until the toothache pain eases.

This particular treatment can be even more effective if you can use an ice cube to massage the area in the ‘V’ of the thumb and forefinger.

o The second tip on how to stop a toothache without even opening your mouth is again based on what is called ‘Acupressure’.

This time the treatment is more obvious and not something you would want to do in public but can be extremely effective in relieving toothache pain.

To ease acute toothache pain, you work on the pressure point in the area just under your nose, about halfway between your nose and your top lip, in the groove known as the ‘philtrum’.

I find it best to use the tip of the forefinger or the knuckle of the forefinger to press fairly heavily into the point just under your nose. This can feel a little painful at first, but you will soon get used to this pressure and as you continue this treatment, your toothache pain will disappear.

The best way to accomplish a quick pain relief is to press the point of your forefinger or your knuckle into the centre point on the ‘philtrum’ with as much pressure as you can manage. – Hold this pressure for 10 seconds and release for 2 or 3 seconds. – Continue in bursts of 10 seconds for 5 minutes or until the pain eases.

o There is one other effective method of relieving toothache without opening your mouth and that is to apply a cold compress or ice-pack to the side of the face where you feel the pain. Simple apply the ice-pack and hold until the pain eases.

These are just a couple of little tips that I have used in an emergency situation, where no other home treatment is available and I feel that I desperately need to get rid of the toothache pain as quickly as possible.

There are many extremely effective home remedies for toothache and it is well worth arming yourself with a few of them, so that you will be prepared to ease the pain should you next experience a bout of toothache.