How to STOP Being a Girl’s Best Buddy – And Get Her to Be Desperate For Her to Sleep With You!

The pain of liking a girl that you’re ‘just friends’ with is almost unbearable. Sadly, not many men know how to break through the barriers of friendship to actually forge a relationship with the girl and so are doomed to remain ‘just friends’ forever. You, on the other hand, have started reading this article, and as such, the secrets contained within its passages will enable you to overcome the friendship barrier and enable you to get the girl to finally want to be with you.

“- Challenge Her”. Being a friend is the absolute enemy of everything you want to achieve. In fact, chances are, the reason you’re her friend is because you were there for her at some time in the past and she now turns to you for emotional comfort. What you are is effectively, her emotional tampon. STOP BEING HER EMOTIONAL TAMPON. Seriously, if you want the girl, take some pride in yourself and stand up! Tell her that you don’t want to hear about her boy troubles anymore. I’m not saying that you should stop talking to her completely; you merely need to draw the line somewhere. When the conversation starts turning emotional, that’s when it’s time to stop being her friend.

“- Stimulate Her Senses”. Out of the five senses, touch can have the greatest effect on a woman if used correctly. I don’t mean the physically intimate touching of sexual encounters; I mean the bond forming touches of a boyfriend and girlfriend. Holding her hand when you cross the road and leaning into her with your hand on her leg when you talk to her – these things will send a message of physical intimacy to her that she will immediately understand. I am NOT advocating that you immediately start grabbing her left, right and center, merely that you touch her in an inoffensive manner at non-sexual locations such as her hand, knees, and the small of her back.