How to Stop Bleeding Hemorrhoids So You Can Use the Bathroom Pain Free

Knowing how to stop bleeding hemorrhoids can help you get back to other more important matters in your life. This problem can be caused by the added pressure on the lower half of the stomach and intestines. Pushing too hard can burst blood vessels which turn into a hemorrhoid. When using the bathroom the hemorrhoid can be aggravated and then you begin to see blood and feel pain.

Besides being uncomfortable some people do report a great deal of pain. Swelling and itching may be common. Itching can also be the cause of an anal fissure. This is a small tear in the anal wall and is also aggravated when using the bathroom. This can mimic the signs of a hemorrhoid but is more of a cut like tear just on the inside of the anal opening. Seeing a doctor can help is suggested to help diagnose either these conditions.

If you do know that you have this problem some basic ointments and creams you find in drugstores can help. Although these ointments and creams do offer some relief they are more like pain relievers instead of a treatment. These products sometimes contain ingredients that can help numb the area and help stop bleeding hemorrhoids. This does not work for everybody but it can help if the pain is causing discomfort.

A few tips that can help are

1) Having a proper diet and eating healthy can help stop bleeding hemorrhoids. Proper nutrition requires less stress on the bowel to eliminate waste. Lots of fiber is helpful.

2) Drinking lots of water is highly recommended because this can soften stool and make using the bathroom less difficult and strenuous for your rear.

3) If you are not constipated but seem to have issues when trying to use the washroom then try putting a little Vaseline around the anal opening. The small tip can help with the softening of the skin around this area so it can act more elastic like and allow for more opening of the anus.

4) Sleep is vitally important. If you want to stop bleeding hemorrhoids lying in bed and sleeping can help a great deal. The body is an amazing machine that can heal itself if given the right amount of time and care. Sleeping reduces stress, allows us to relax and gives the body time to heal. A recommended 7 to 9 hours can help you feel better and heal you faster.

Last of all, if bleeding is constant and causing a mess then try using a pad to help. Although this will seem strange to men it can help keep your clothes clean.