How to Stop Sinus Drainage! Nurse’s Guide

One of the questions I’m asked most often is how can I stop sinus drainage? This question has been asked so many times I realized that most people think that sinuses shouldn’t drain or at least they shouldn’t drain down the throat and that the drainage should be stopped. They may think it’s a sinus infection symptom.

I think the question is asked more for sinus drainage that goes down the back of the throat then out the nose. Now what to know is that the sinuses drain down the throat naturally. This is how they drain. A quart of mucous has to move through the sinuses every day. That’s a lot of fluid and it has to go somewhere. You want it to go down your throat because if it doesn’t then it’s likely blocked and will cause a sinus infection or other sinus problems and you don’t want a quart of fluid coming out of your nose, that’s for sure.

You want to keep the sinuses working properly and keep the fluids moving. You can encourage it by making sure you’re always hydrated. That is why you want to drink plenty of pure filtered water. The four sets of sinuses need plenty of fluids to handle its tasks.

Sometimes people will feel a big lump of mucous going down into the throat. This is nothing to worry about and is good because it is getting rid of accumulated particles, dead cells and other body cast-offs. It won’t harm the stomach either. The stomach is prepared to receive mucous and other material from the sinuses.

You can help your sinuses by avoiding situations where you’re exposed to smog, smoke, fumes and air-borne particles. Keep your bedroom well-ventilated with plenty of fresh outside air. Run HEPA-type air cleaners if you can’t keep it fresh. You don’t want to breathe in these particles at night when you’re trapped for approximately eight hours.

You also will want to avoid situations where you might be exposed to mold. Mold spores are air-borne and can travel right out of your bathroom into your bedroom. So keep any bathroom doors closed at night and make sure to remove any mold that you know is present. Remove any plants, which often contain mold, from your bedroom also. Most sinus infections are called by fungus (mold) so keep that in mind. Of course there are other causes of sinus infections and other sinus problems.

So keep hydrated and don’t worry about stopping sinus drainage. It’s natural and good for you. If you have any sinus problems know that you can get rid of them naturally. Natural treatment is the way to go. Avoid harmful drugs that have plenty of side effects and risks and don’t work anyway. Be good to your sinuses and they will be good to you.