How To Stop Your Dog Digging Under The Fence

You have to admit that digging is natural thing to do for a dog. They do it do bury their stuff like bones and other items that can be quite important or fascinating for them. Digging also makes dogs healthy and fit. However, you should control your dog when they start digging under fences.

When dogs dig under the fence, it can cause trouble for people in the neighborhood. Controlling your dog from digging protects not only your neighbors but the dogs themselves. When they do this, they can learn that they can escape from your yard and then wander around in the neighborhood and try to have fun.

So how do you go about stopping the dig that your pet is doing?

Of course, it is very hard to stop a dog from digging but there are certain ways that you can do to be able to minimize it.

  • Regular exercise – One reason why dogs dig is because they get bored and want something to do. Have daily walks or runs with your dog or any activity that can tire them. This will not only help your canine friend but it will help you as well.
  • Toys – Giving them toys can divert their attention from the ground to something they can play with.
  • Provide space for digging – If you can not stop them from digging, just allot a space where they can do the digging. Make sure that they understand that the place you provided is the only spot where they can dig.
  • Minimize time outdoors – Spend more time with your dog indoors. Just limit the time when your dog is outside and never leave them alone outside.

Let us take a look at your fence. If it has become impossible for you to stop your dog from digging under the fence, you will just have to do something about that fence of yours.

One way is to put chicken wires or mesh on the ground around your fence. This way, your pet would have a hard time digging under the fence and may just simply give up.

Another way is to make your fence concrete especially the part under it. This will help in preventing the dog from smelling the other side of the fence. The smell is usually the cause why your dog wanted to dig in the first place. They would like to see what they are smelling on the other side.

Make sure to tell your neighbor first before concreting your fence as they may not approve of your changing the fences.

In the end, it is all about the protection of your beloved pet. In the end, your goal should be to protect both your dog and your neighbors. If you have to keep your dog inside most of the time jut to protect him and the neighbors, then so be it. But do not get too upset – usually dogs just need regular exercise to reduce their digging.

Also, do not forget to have your dog checked up so that it can stay healthy.