How to Stop Your Facebook Addiction

If you're like many people these day's you just can not get enough of Facebook. If it's becoming more of an unhealthy addiction rather than an idle time filler, you should try to ween yourself off of it and get back to more important things. It can be really tempting to always wonder what your friends are doing. However, if you are always on Facebook, then you will not have any exciting things to post as your update. Here are some basic tips that will help you take back control of your life:

Hide People – If you are constantly complaining about someone's useless posts, you'll want to hide them from your News Feed. This way they're still your friend, and you can still go see how they're doing, on your terms and when you want. Many people post dozens of needless updates every day and it can crowd your news feed. You might miss an important message from someone you really care about because it gets drowned out by clutter.

Un-Friend People You Do not Really Know – If you went on a Friending spree and just started accepting friend requests from anybody, chances are you've got a good amount of spammers and anonymous people on your friends list. You should get ride of them as they are just taking up space in your friends list, and causing a possible distraction to you when you are trying to get the scoop on your real friends. Try to make your Facebook friends list look like your real life friends list.

Delete Games – Games like FarmVille were designed to keep you coming back for more. If you play more than one game on Facebook, consider cutting down to just one. If you play multiple games, you'll always have an excuse to be online, because there will always be a game that needs tending to. Choose the game that brings you the most enjoyment, and play it in moderation. Even if it means losing a batch of crops, you do not want to live your life by the time limits imposed by a computer game.

Live Your Life – Sitting at a computer screen reading about other people's lives is no life at all. Get up, get out, and do something fun. Then come back and report about it on Facebook. You'll have a lot more fun on Facebook as a producer rather than as a consumer. Let other people get addicted to your life and wish they were doing the things that you do. Go bungee jumping, start a website, get in shape, fall in love, run a marathon, do some stand-up comedy at an open mic night, write a book, well, you get the idea. Do something newsworthy and then tell about it!