How to Structure Your Freestyle Rap Lyrics

Every freestyle rap song has a structure, so this article will talk about this structure. There are different parts of this structure that we will define so that you have a strong understanding of how to write your songs.

The basic structure of a song is verse followed by a chorus, followed by another verse, followed by the chorus, followed by a bridge and then followed by the chorus. This form is what our audiences are used to hearing. Notice that there is a good bit of repetition mixed in with some variety. The variety prevents the audience from getting bored.

Let’s discuss each section of our structure.

Verse – a song is made up of melodies and lyrics. In our song structure, the verses have the same melody, but the lyrics are different. The lyrics are what tell us about the song. The lyrics may talk about people or may present a certain situation. The lyrics will usually also share the emotions of the song.

Chorus – The chorus is what you hear over and over again. It may be repeated up to four or more times. Unlike the verse, both the lyrics and the melodies stay the same each time the chorus is repeated. You will usually find the title of the song in the chorus and you will find that it is usually repeated a couple of times.

Bridge – This part of the song is the portion of the song that stands out. It is totally different from the rest of the song. The melody and the lyrics are different from our other two parts of the song. This not only stands out, but it gives the audience or listener a break from the repetitiveness of the verse and chorus. The highlights f the lyrics are often presented in this section.

Pre-chorus – this is not a part of the structure that you will find in every song, but you should be aware of this section. It will usually be found toward the end of the verse. It is the lead in to the chorus and gives the chorus a stronger effect when the song reaches that part.

These are the main parts of the song. Now you may find some variations of the structure as you move to different genres, but use this as a foundation when creating your freestyle rap lyrics.