How to Subtly Tease a Guy & Get Him to Fall for You? 7 Tricks You Should Use Right Away

Subtle teasing comes as a much needed relief during the daily grind and can also be used to attract the attention of a guy you like. Older women also engage in this kind of teasing to convey their intentions to their partners without anyone around realizing what is happening. Here is how you should go about it.

First, increase his comfort level

You will have to first ensure that the guy is comfortable in your company. Once he is comfortable you will have subtly let him know that you are taking more than normal interest in him. If there are people around you then it should be done in such a manner that only the guy and you know what is going on.

Draw him closer

The next step is to draw him closer to you. Not physically but he has to forget everyone and pay attention to you and your antics. Complimenting him with a hint of mischief in your eye can do the trick.

Narrate funny anecdotes or jokes

To lighten the sexual tension narrate a corny joke or an anecdote and make him laugh. You may also crack jokes at others expense so long as no one takes offence. Sexy jokes or dumb blonde jokes will also do so long as there is no blonde in the vicinity.

Turn on the heat

Remember Sharon stone in ‘Basic Instinct”. Cross and uncross your legs to give him an idea of what lies in store for him when he is alone with you. You may also draw his attention to your derriere by bending to pick things up in a suggestive manner.

Break the touch barrier

Get a little physical by playfully touching him in an innocent way. Run your hand over his arm or rub his lower back to excite him. You may also give a peck on the cheek or give him a high five. This should further increase his anticipation.

Suggestive gestures

When no one is looking you can pretend that you hurt your finger (thumb or index) and suck on it while looking him in the eye. While at the dinner table you can play footsie to further increase his uneasiness and to make your intentions clear.

Unabashedly physical

This is the final act that will make his so hot that he will not know what to do. Get so close to him and try and whisper something in his ear while you are doing this let the back of his arm brush against your soft body.

Subtle teasing and seduction are like an art form that needs some practice before you perfect it.