How to Take Care of Your Boiler

In order to keep your boiler and central heating system working well, there are certain things you should do. Firstly, show some love to your boiler. It works hard all year round to provide heat and hot water to you and your family, and it causes very little trouble, asking for practically nothing in return. However, the one thing it does need is a boiler service, and this will help to make sure you are taking care of your boiler properly.

A boiler service is not a lot that you have to give your boiler in return for its consistent heat output and reliability. Many people just assume that their boiler is fine and there's nothing to worry about, but faults can occur at any time in a boiler's life. Plus, the older it is then the higher the risk something might go wrong. If you have a boiler and are planning to book a boiler service in, there are some other things you can do as part of your homeowner maintenance checklist.

Firstly, make sure you clean the boiler every now and then. We're not talking about getting deep inside and pulling it apart, but just a light dusting can make all the difference. Obviously, it largely depends where your boiler is kept, but some that are fully exposed will need to have the tops cleaned to make sure no dust particles are getting stuck inside the boiler.

In addition to this, check that the pilot light is on. When this goes off, you know something is wrong. You might not be able to check this on your own, which is fine, but you will often find it easy to identify on older boilers. Get the engineer out to check the pilot light if you are at all unsure. They are trained in this line of work.

Keep checking your radiators to make sure the heat is pumping through the house. If a radiator is cold, it could mean your central heating system is not working properly and this means your boiler is in need of a health-check.