How To Take Off Tattoos – What To Do If You Suffer A Blowout

One of the reasons some people look to take off tattoos is the fact they may have encountered blow outs which is where it looks like the ink has spread out from its designated areas. Sometimes this isn’t really noticeable however sometimes it is obvious and can cause people major annoyance and therefore will make them look for an option to get rid of it and to make it look neater. There are many different ways that you can go onto tackling this option if you do encounter it and they are all easy and relatively cheap to go through as well.

How It’s Caused

Blowouts are caused simply by the ink somehow making its way too deep into the skin and having the fat layers soak it up therefore giving the image that the ink is spreading around where it shouldn’t be.

Sometimes this is done due to the fact that the artist that you are using is heavy handed and then there are other times when they skin changes e.g. side of the foot to the top of the foot (going from the top to the side would mean a change of skin depth).

This can normally be avoided by plenty of artists but when it happens due to a mistake there are some things that you can do to make it less noticeable.

Cover Ups

One thing that you can do is get it covered up or add some more shading to the area. This won’t be hard to do and you’re artist might be willing to do it for cheaper if it is noticeable.

Shading is normally easier as it means that you don’t have to go through getting something completely new over it, just some added colour around the sides to cover the leaked ink.

Removal Cream

You can also go for the option of fading the surrounding area (which may affect your tattoo) to make it less noticeable if it’s that bad. You can use things such as removal creams for this to go into the skin and break down the unwanted ink pigment in the body.

If the piece is still pretty fresh you can also alternatively use aloe vera and due to the water based solution it will pick at the loose particles in the skin and fade it out as well.


If it is getting to the point where the ink is so annoying that you just want the whole piece gone then maybe looking into laser removal could be an option. This can help target the small area that has blowout or if you aren’t really enjoying the new piece then you can get rid of the thing altogether as well.

If you have got the blowout from an artist that you always use don’t go and ditch them for someone else as it was probably an accident that you’re having to take off tattoo blowouts but if they are someone new who has done it regularly then it might be time to take your options elsewhere.