How to Talk Dirty Over Text And Start a Sexy Conversation

You must know a thing or two on how to talk dirty over text if you are going initiate a sexy conversation and keep it going long enough to turn your man on. While starting a steamy text exchange may not be hard, keeping it going might be challenging. It all depends on how well you start it and the opening lines you use.

Your man goes by what you tell him, so if you start a conversation on the wrong footing; chances are it will not go far. This means you will not achieve what you wanted with the text in the first place. Here is a simple to follow guide on dirty texting over the phone and how to initiate and maintain an intimate conversation.

Start by creating curiosity… When talking dirty, you don’t have to give away everything in the first line. Try really hard to remain vague and mysterious. These two factors are important in making your guy curious and in essence maintain a long dirty talking session. In other words, creating curiosity is the surest way of getting a man to pay attention to what you have to say. Once he has all his attention directed to you, maintaining the conversation becomes easy.

Create the sexual perspective of the conversation… You may have got his attention all right, but you need to quickly establish the sexual aspect of the conversation you are about to have. You must realize that even if you know how to talk dirty over text you need to let your partner know that this is not the typical text exchange you have every day. That way both of you will stick to the subject matter which, of course, is talking dirty.

Again, establishing the sexual context goes back to using the correct opening statements. While you may not out-rightly tell your man “I want you to make love to me right now” in the first text, don’t take too long before turning what appeared as just a casual text exchange into a sexual, conversation.

Build the anticipation… You have his attention, and the context is set, now it’s time to make him yearn for you. Use phrases that will create dirty images in his mind that will make him think about you. Tell him how much you miss him and how badly you wish you were together right now. Send him nude photos if you have to.

You can even go a step further and let him know how good he makes you feel. Shower him with praises and don’t relent until you have got him where you want him to be. The more the anticipation you create, the more turned you will make him.

Stay in charge… You need to control the direction at which the conversation takes. You can only do this by being in charge. Remember that you are the one who started the conversation and your man replies are based on what you say. You should know how to talk dirty over text in such a way that your man has no choice but to toe the line. When you are in charge, you are sure that at the end of it all, you will not only turn him on, but will ignite his sexual desire as well.

Have ready dirty talk ideas… You must have a few dirty lines at your fingertips to start a sexy conversation. These will help you set the stage faster when things begin to get hot.

Here are a few lines that will come in handy:

* I wish you were here with me right now.

* I would love to have you tonight.

* Tomorrow I will be all yours.

* Tell me what you want, and I will make sure it happens.

* I am so turned on right now.

Talking dirty is fun if done in the right manner. You should not take it as a serious business, and you can use it to change your sex life for the better. Now that you know how to talk dirty over text turning on your man and holding a sexual conversation is much easier. Have fun!