How to Tell If a Guy Likes You

Emotions can be hard to read at times. That’s why we rely on actions to speak for love. But what’s frustrating about the process of “falling” is that you just spend too much time looking for someone to care for instead of doing the caring itself. As a result, you waste your life and miss out on those who actually do want you to care for them.

Guys out there can get pretty stubborn when it comes to expressing their true feelings. Because of this, girls often end up not being able to respond appropriately to their sentiments. So to lift up the complications and shorten the agony of finding a match, girls should be observant. To help out, here is a list of tell-tale signs girls can refer to in order to find out if a guy really likes them or not.

1.) He tries to get your attention.

Guys have different ways of accomplishing this. They can either charm you or irritate you. But the end result is always the same – you get to think about them day and night. You talk about him to your friends. And you don’t let the day end without you wondering how he is and what he is doing.

2.) He makes subtle hints of feelings.

It may be in the way he asks questions or provides for your needs. He may be a bit shy or stand-offish (depending on what type he is) but you will notice that he will go out of his way to make an impression. Sometimes, he will ask the most obvious things that will hint his interests like “Are you single?”. Or he may be more creative and ask, “What do you usually do on your spare time?” in order to pry on your life. He may even say, “Why should I tell you anything, we are not friends!” to keep you hanging on.

3.) He remembers details.

Guys seldom listen. So when you meet someone who remembers what you said last week, then you can bet he likes you big time.

4.) He willingly expounds on the same random things you are interested in.

Girls can be a bit off the bat when it comes to their personal choice of topics. So it’s very revealing if a guy is able to sustain a conversation with a girl regarding something she is engrossed with. This means he is trying to make an effort in building up ties.

If you observe this from your friend, your office mate, or some stranger you constantly meet, then maybe it’s about time you explore the hidden emotion behind his actions. Who knows, you might actually be in the presence of your destiny.