How to Tell If You Have Silverfish

In order to get rid of silverfish in your home, you need to know first of all if you have silverfish in your home.  There are some telltale signs of silverfish damage which are easy to identify and locate.

First is actually being able to see the little critters. Silverfish typically come out at night.  They like to hang out around damp areas, especially in the kitchen around food, Silverfish love cereal and starches.  I recommend using air tight plastic containers which will also keep your cereal fresh.  You can also locate them in the bathroom in damp areas around the tub and sinks.  You can even catch them when you turn the light on and see them scurrying around.

Another sign that you have silverfish is they had fed on something you will see notches, holes and scrapings with irregular shapes, particularly on wallpaper since Silverfish will try to get at the paste. Check your books and newspapers for any notches or holes.  Get rid of old magazines and newspapers. Silverfish also like synthetic fabrics so look for yellow stains on your shirts and pants in your closet and even your curtains.

You can even mix water and flour together to a thin paste.  Put the paste on an index card and let dry, place the index cards where you think you have silverfish.  If you find notched edges, irregular shapes or scrapings, these are tell tale signs of Silverfish.

Now that you know you have Silverfish, there are easy, non toxic ways to get rid of Silverfish.