How To Tell The Difference Between Acrylic, Glass And Crystal Awards

There’s nothing like showing your employees how much you appreciate them. Employees who feel valued and appreciated work harder and are less likely to look for new employment, which means businesses can spend fewer resources on hiring and training new employees.

However, if you’re planning on handing out acrylic, glass or crystal awards, you need to know what the difference is between the different types. Take a few minutes to learn the differences so that you can make the best possible decision for your company or organization.

So, What’s The Difference?

Although these materials can all look similar from afar, they’re actually very different. Glass is made from lime, silica and soda and acrylic is a sturdy plastic, while crystal has a lead oxide content anywhere from 1 to 49%. Lead makes this substance significantly heavier than glass or acrylic, but this weight also means that the award will be sturdier. There can also be a major price difference between the three types of materials, so the right one for you might just depend on your budget.

Each type of award can be completely personalized and this is typically done using laser engraving. The shape of the award may restrict the space available for engraving so before you choose a design, ask your award company for assistance in choosing the best type for the message you want to put on it.

What You Can Expect From Crystal Awards

If you’re giving out crystal awards, you should be able to hold it up to the light and it will cast small rainbows when you move it in and out of the light. The edges will also have slightly rounded edges — this is because the lead makes the surface sturdier. Crystal awards are usually the most expensive option out of the three, however they’re also available in a wide variety of shapes and designs. You’ll find a variety of designs in the shapes of flames, obelisks, cubes, pyramids and more.

What You Can Expect From Glass Designs

Glass is usually easier to engrave, which means that it won’t be as sturdy or substantial. The edges will typically be sharper, simply because of the cutting and engraving process that’s used. Additionally, the award may have a slightly green or yellow tint to it when it’s held up to the light. A glass award will likely be less expensive than its crystal counterpart, but pricier than an award made out of acrylic.

What You Can Expect From Acrylic Options

Acrylic is the least expensive option that businesses have. Like the others, they’re available in a variety of different shapes, including stars, rectangles, circles and semi circles. It’s possible to have these personalized and may even be possible to use color on the award in some instances.

Luckily for business owners, there is a wide variety of acrylic, glass and crystal awards to choose from. Before you buy one, make sure you’re making the right decision for your company — and your employees. They’ll certainly appreciate the care and thought that’s put into your decision and will know just how much you appreciate their efforts every day.