How to Tell Your Girlfriend is Ready For You to Propose

One of the problems many men face is deciding when the right time to propose is. It can be confusing, especially if you’re not getting much indication from her. In this article I’ll explain how you can determine when she’s ready for a marriage proposal.

The most effective way to find out if she’s ready for you to propose is to keep the channels of communication open. If you regularly talk about the expectations and desires you each have for marriage you’ll have some idea of where she stands. This will help ease the tension and uncertainty that comes with moving a relationship to a new level.

The problem with this method is many men are afraid bringing up marriage will encourage her to put proposal related pressure on them. Although that’s a valid concern, the alternative of never speaking of marriage will only make that pressure more extreme and unexpected when the hammer finally drops. It may be difficult to bring up or discuss but once you are used to having those kinds of discussions it will become second nature.

Most girls who are ready and/or eager to be married will make it known to their boyfriend that that is something they want. The tricky part for the guy is to follow through with the proposal in a timely manner so the woman doesn’t get impatient. The ultimatum is a lose/lose situation for a guy, so it’s best to do everything possible to avoid it. Most of the time the ultimatum comes in long after the man has missed his clues and his opportunity. This is when frustration has set in for his girlfriend and she’s ready to call it quits.

In order to effectively tell when your girlfriend is ready for you to propose you really should encourage her to discuss her plans for the future. There is no secret button to push that will give you that information without encouraging her to talk about it. The good news is most women don’t need much prompting to talk about marriage.

However, just because you have this conversation with her doesn’t mean she needs to know any details about your proposal when you get to planning it. Once you know how she feels about marriage, and marrying you in particular, keep her in the dark about any proposal related plans you make from that point on.

Determining if she’s ready for marriage is really as simple as keeping your ears and eyes open to signals and clues that she sends off. If you do it will be very hard to miss knowing when she’s prepared for a proposal. And that’s when the fun really begins because then it’s on you to plan your next move!