How to Tile Around Light-Switches and Sockets

Tiling isn’t as straight forward as you think. Yes, the majority of your wall or floor tiles may be put down very easily, but then there are those fiddly corners and shapes to contend with.

But don’t worry; there are methods to use in order to successfully tile your wall, no matter how many fiddly bits you have.

The main culprits are sockets and light-switches, which can prove to be a real nightmare if they are not considered in advance, or if you are new to tiling. The best thing to do is to start by tiling as close to the socket or light switch as possible. Turn off the power supply and unscrew the socket or switch enough so that you can get the tile with adhesive behind it.

For each tile that is affected, you need to draw yourself a template on card. Cut it out and leave 5mm extra which will lie behind the switch or socket. Then it’s time to cut your ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles.

There are several ways in which you can do this. You can use a hand tile saw or you can use an electric tile saw. If you want to use an electric jigsaw then you will need to buy a tile cutting blade to allow you to complete the job.

So it’s not all simple squares that fit together like a jigsaw; but adopt the right method and you can make even the fiddly bits a walk in the park.