How To Treat Acne Scars

Adolescence is the time our body undergoes many hormonal changes. And mainly it is the result of puberty. Almost by the age of 12-14 both male and female human beings attain puberty and the problem of this acne starts here.

Acne is almost a skin problem, which occurs due to the unhygienic skin habits. Human skin has pores called hair follicles. Acne occurs due to the clogging of these follicles with unwanted stuff. Our body results in dead cells as an end product of the metabolic activities. These dead cells get accumulated in the pores. Our skin has oil-producing glands called sebaceous glands, which secretes oil. Dead cells along with this oil become an unhygienic environment for the bacterial and fungal infections.

Some main reason for acne problems is uncontrolled food habits, lack of nutrients and hygiene. Mainly zinc and vitamin contents should be rich in the food we consume. Do not consume oily foods as this indirectly results in more secretion of oil by sebaceous glands. Do not take over spicy foods as they result in your hormonal imbalance and may end up on acne.

As the proverb goes like this "prevention is better than cure".

Maintaining skin with care from the beginning is the preventive measure than curing it after it turns into pimples. There is nothing much to get depressed getting an acne. If u take the below mentioned handy tips you can avoid getting more acnes.

Some handy tips for prevention and treating acne are

1) Rinse your face with warm water whenever you return back home from outside as the dirt which sticks on the skin will be removed. Then wipe it out to dry the skin.

2) Apply sunshade cream whenever you step out in scorching sun such that the skin is not damaged by the sunlight.

3) Wipe out if you sweat with a neat soft clothe because the follicles will get accumulated with the sweat and it will become a host for bacteria.

4) Apply oil-free cosmetics.

5) Try to avoid stress as this also results in hormonal imbalance.

6) Never squeeze out pimple in your face. This is almost like hurting yourself. This will leave a scar after the pimple heals.

7) Apply sandal paste on acne as it gives a cooling effect to the skin and also protects softness of skin.

8) Apply flour powder mixed in curd and soak it for few minutes till it gets dried then wash it with warm water.

9) If going for medication consults your doctor because he can prescribe you the right combination of medicine, which suits your skin.

10) Rinse your face with rose water mixed in water, as this will take care of broken tissues in the skin.

11) If you are more bothered and are wealthy enough to spend for skin care LASER treatment is advisable. Before going for this treatment you have to consult practitioner for it.

Simply you can put up your thought like keep your hands free, you can be acne free. Take care of your diet your hormones will take care of your acne. Some golden words are never to be repeated. So it's all how you take steps to prevent yourself before you search for curing acne.