How to Treat Flat Feet

Flat feet do not generally cause problems unless they cause pain or lead to other more serious medical conditions. Also, flat feet do make a person slower as some people tend to believe. However the instant that it causes pain, it can be very uncomfortable and it can hinder a person’s ability to move around. This is the usual signal that flat feet treatment must be acquired at once.

Any flat feet treatment starts by the examination of the feet to determine the severity and type of flat foot. This can be done at home by wetting your feet and stepping on a piece of paper. The wider your footprint is, the more severe it is. However, try to get more specific results by a undergoing your feet in a medical examination.

Knowing the cause is also essential in prescribing the best possible treatment. In children, this is often caused by the type of shoes that a child wears, the sleeping, sitting or standing posture that he or she tend to follow, the presence of other foot abnormalities or deficiencies like a tight Achilles Tendon and injury.

In adults, flat feet are commonly caused by aging which leads to the weakening of the ligaments and muscles that support the arch. In time this causes the arch to eventually collapse. Being overweight can also be a primary cause as this puts tremendous stress on the feet. Couple this with standing on a hard, flat surface for long periods of time and flat feet will eventually result. Other causes are ill – fitting shoes and lack of sufficient rest.

A treatment is then recommended based on the findings of the medical examination. Cases that are not that serious often only require the use of specialized shoes to support the arch and provide cushioning for the feet. Creams are also recommended to deal with the pain or inflammation. In most cases, orthotics is often prescribed.

These are special devices that are also used as feet support. The very effective especially if they are custom – made or made to fit the specific needs of the individual. Surgery is also a very effective treatment. However, this should only be done only on the worst cases or if any of the first treatments are not effective.

In any case, prevention is always better than any form of treatment. You can achieve this by counteracting any of the causes that can ultimately lead to flat feet.

It can be done initially by maintaining a proper weight. This can help avoid flat feet as well other obese – related sicknesses. Wearing proper shoes and giving your feet sufficient time to rest between activities is always encouraged. Proper exercise must also be done regularly as help the feet maintain its top condition.

This helps it adjust to any form of activity that you expose it to which makes it prone to less stress and injury. All in all, loving your feet is the best type of flat feet treatment that you will ever need.