How To Turn Women On Fast – Mental Trick That Automatically Creates Immediate Sexual Attraction!

It's extremely frustrating to see some random guy walk into a club, approach a girl and within a couple of minutes have her sitting on his lap, giggling while she's writing her phone number for him, while you keep hitting a brick wall when trying to attract women into your life.However, here is the good news. The only difference between you and someone who's got 'game' is that the other guy understands the psychology behind how women decide who they want to get romantically involved with.

Luckily, this is something that can be learned. This article will focus on one of the most powerful psychological techniques that will make you understand the attraction process better and what it takes to make not just any girl, but high-quality girls want to be in your company.

This technique is called 'active interest – active disinterest' technique, also known as push-pull method.It's effective because it's based on a simple psychological principle: people in general, not only women, will always value something very if it's not easily attainable . It works especially well during the seduction process because the more you show disinterest (push component), the more a woman tend to become attracted to you. It's counter-intuitive but it has been proven to work on a consistent basis.

However, disinterest must be balanced carefully and in equal measure with active interest (pull component). You need to avoid projecting too much of a nice guy image, while at the same time not acting like a jerk. Showing interest only or too soon will make a woman think of you as low-value because you are not making it challenging enough for her to vie for your attention.

A good example of 'push-pull' technique is saying something like: "We could never be together. You remind me too much of my loopy ex girlfriend." First statement indirectly implicates that you like her, followed by a statement that immediately erases what you just said. This kind of 'hot-cold' approach creates attraction fast because you are injecting intrigue, mystery and excitation into a conversation. She will not know for sure whether you like her or not.

Ideally you should use push-pull statements as often as possible during a conversation. It will make a woman go through a roller coaster of emotions during which she will experience positive emotions (feelings of acceptance and approval) followed immediately by negative emotions (feelings of rejection).

It essentially makes a game of tag between you and the woman you want to attract. A woman usually accepts the challenge and the game moves back and forth from her to you and vice versa, which causes sexual tension and levels of attraction to increase even more. This method allows you to reach a perfect balance between being a nice guy and a bad boy.