How to Understand the Male Body Language! Here Are Some Tricks You Don’t Want to Miss

While some claim that decoding a man is a difficult task, knowing how to read a man’s body language makes the job a whole lot easier. Here is what you should be looking out for if you want to decode a guy’s body language.

Which side is his upper body facing
When a man’s upper body is facing you then you should know that he’s interested in you. It doesn’t matter if he looks elsewhere or if it seems he’s checking out others in the room, if his chest and shoulders are facing you then you are the most meaningful thing to him in that room.

What does his gaze suggest
If it’s a long piercing gaze that he gives you then he is definitely hot for you. But if he looks like he’s entering a staring contest then he is the dominating sort and is simply trying to intimidate you. If he doesn’t look at all it’s either because he’s not interested or is insecure.

What does his smile suggest
A man’s smile can say a lot about him. The crooked half smile indicates that all he wants is a fling and nothing serious. The soft close mouthed grin means that he likes you but doesn’t want to lay all his cards on the table just yet. If his is a tight lipped polite smile then he’s trying to say that while your company is engaging he doesn’t get the romantic angle with you.

The primal instinct
Men, quite unconsciously, succumb to their primal instincts which get reflected in their body language. If he is touching his belt or pants pocket then he is trying to get your attention to his assets. If he stands with his pelvis facing you and his legs apart he has the hots for you.

The head tilt
If he tilts his head on the side slightly so that your eyes meet then he has some feelings for you. Men give out this signal quite unconsciously so if someone has given you the head tilt then it’s time to make a move.

The touch factor
If a man initiates physical contact, touches you on the arm or leg then he definitely likes you. On the other hand is a guy that is very respectful and seems to enjoy your company but doesn’t touch then he’s not stimulated romantically by you.

Where are his toes pointing
If his toes are pointing towards each other when he sits or stands then he’s a little unsure and needs reassurance that his move will not be waved off. So give him an indication that the feeling is mutual and he will make his move.