How to Unicycle – The 6 Top Frequently Asked Questions Explained on Unicycling

Many people think unicycling is very hard or takes uncommon talent to learn but actually the opposite is the truth. It’s just like learning any other skill for sport and requires regular practice to become proficient at unicycling. Here are the top questions I’ve received on unicycling.

One: How long does it take to learn to ride a unicycle?

Many already athletically skilled people have mounted unicycles and written off on them with a decent degree of control without needing to practice a whole lot however most average motivated people can learn to ride a unicycle in about 10 to 12 hours of practice time. Spread that out over 30 minutes once a day and that makes about three to four weeks time.

Two: What size of unicycle will I need?

The 20 inch wheel unicycle is a popular one to learn on and learn tricks with but for taller people the seat will not go high enough to be comfortable but you could get a fixed extension tube to make it work otherwise people closer to and taller than 6 feet should go with a 24 over 26 inch wheel. Small children usually will need a 16 or 18 inch wheel.

Three: What is a Muni?

Muni is short for mountain unicycle. Mountain unicycles come with an extra large knobby off-road tire which is great for riding on rough gravel or dirt trails and is also okay for sidewalks and streets. Muni’s also have features such as double bolt seat clamp, three-piece cranks and heavy-duty rim and spokes. Muni’s usually costs about twice as much or more than a regular unicycle.

Four: What is the quickest way to learn to ride a unicycle?

Find a long handrail with a level and smooth surface with it and hang onto the handrail and just practice going along the handrail using one hand for balance. When you get to the end of the rail just pedal backwards the other way instead of turning yourself around that way you’ll find it easier to learn to ride backwards when you’re getting more advanced later on. Practice this every day for at least 30 minutes and in two to four weeks you should not need the handrail anymore.

Five: How do you turn directions on the unicycle?

You just push it a little harder on your right foot going down and turn your body to the left and you’ll go left and do the opposite to go right.

Six: How do I keep from getting discouraged when learning to ride my unicycle?

Find a partner to learn and practice with, a friend or relative is best that way you can hold each other accountable to practicing every day. If having a practice partner is not an option, just make a commitment to yourself that I’m going to learn to ride this unicycle no matter what and stick to your practice time of at least 30 minutes a day and reward yourself afterward with some treat. Also visualize yourself riding the unicycle like a master.